A delicious, low-carb sauce to brighten your holiday while helping balance your hormones during a festive time. Use rhubarb and orange peel to make this cranberry sauce truly special.

Serving Size: 6-8

Ingredients for Low-Carb Cranberry Sauce

  • Cranberry, 3 Cups, 12 oz
  • Rhubarb, 1.5 Cups
  • Low-carb sweetener (Stevia, Monk fruit, or Erythritol), 1 Cup
  • Water, 1 Cup
  • Cinnamon, pinch
  • Ginger, pinch
  • Zest from one orange

Instructions for Cranberry Rhubarb Sauce

1.Peel rhubarb skin and chop into small pieces.

2.In a sauce pan, bring water to a boil and add sweetener. 

3.Mix cranberry and rhubarb and reduce to a simmer. Stir until the sauce reaches a thick consistency and cranberries have popped.

4.Add the zest from one orange.

5.Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon and ginger and mix well.

6.Cool down and store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

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