Marinate chicken or your favorite protein in a rich, fragrant sauce mixed with garlic, olive oil, and spices. Put it onto skewers with red onion or other vegetables and grill for a few minutes for a delicious, healthy meal or party snack.

Serving Size: 4

Ingredients for Easy Chicken Kebab

  • Chicken thigh or breast, 1 Kg
  • Red onion, 1 medium size
  • Greek Yogurt, 1 Cup
  • Paprika, 2 teaspoon
  • Coriander, 1 teaspoon
  • Cumin, 1 teaspoon
  • Cinnamon, 1/8 teaspoon
  • Sea salt, 1.5 teaspoon
  • Ground black pepper, 1/2 Teaspoon
  • Olive oil, 2 Tablespoon
  • Lemon Juice, 1 Tablespoon
  • Garlic, minced, 1.5 Tablespoon
  • Wooden or metal skewers

Instructions for Easy Chicken Kebab

1.Remove skin and cut chicken into bite size pieces. Chop red onion to similar bite sizes.

2.In a large bowl, mix yogurt, spices, olive oil, lemon juice, and minced garlic. Throw in chicken and stir well to combine. Set aside for a couple of hours until the meat is well marinated.

3.If you are using wooden skewers, put them in water for 30 minutes to an hour before using them.

4.Put chicken and onion pieces onto skewers by alternating between the ingredients. Do not cram too many pieces.

5.Grease your grill and turn on to medium high heat. Put the skewers onto the grill and flip after a few minutes. Make sure the chicken is cooked thoroughly.

6.Serve the kebab with your favorite salad or side dish.

Watch How to Make Chicken Kebab

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